Export Control Compliance

It is a fundamental policy of MeiG Smart Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates ("MeiG") to comply with export control laws and regulations worldwide, including those of China, the United States and other countries. As a global leading supplier of wireless communication modules and solutions, MeiG strictly enforces applicable control requirements related to the sale, transfer, export, re-export and disposal of hardware, software and technology. MeiG spares no effort in complying with global export control laws and regulations not only to win the trust of its partners and the public and to minimize the company's business risks, but also as an important member of the international market, MeiG is duty-bound to fulfill its corporate responsibility.

MeiG conducts rigorous blacklist scanning of customers, suppliers, freight forwarders and visitors as well as employees, and conducts meticulous due diligence on potential partners. We refuse to work with potential partners if they are involved in regulatory affairs. MeiG strictly controls its products and technologies and prohibits the unauthorized export or transfer of controlled products and technologies, as well as the use of its products for military purposes and for eavesdropping and surveillance or other human rights violations. MeiG has established a Compliance Management Committee (CMC) to ensure the full and effective implementation of the export control compliance program. The Compliance Management Committee is the highest organization within MeiG responsible for formulating and implementing export control policies and procedures, with the Legal Department acting as its secretary unit, to carry out compliance control of all business processes, including research and development, sales, logistics, engineering and services. Any transaction, export and other business related to controlled products or technologies should be reviewed by the Compliance Management Committee. According to the export control laws and regulations of relevant countries as well as the company's export control compliance requirements, the Compliance Management Committee has a one-vote veto power on whether to execute specific business activities.

MeiG cooperates with professional institutions to organize and implement comprehensive export control compliance training. The staff training focuses on the introduction of basic export control compliance requirements, the business training centers on the core requirements in each business process, and the core position training focuses on the knowledge and skills of key position holders. Through multi-level and omni-directional training, we continuously improve the compliance awareness of all employees and differentiate the delivery of business-based compliance requirements. MeiG regularly conducts export control compliance risk assessment of business processes, and conducts audits and inspections of key countries and key business processes, and implements document retention requirements. Based on the audits and inspections, MeiG continuously optimizes business processes and control programs, and imposes severe penalties on employees who violate the company's export control policies. MeiG will strictly implement the export control compliance program and the laws and regulations on which the program is based, fulfill its compliance commitments to its partners, and actively undertake the corresponding export control compliance obligations of the company.

Anti-Corruption Compliance

As a global leading supplier of wireless communication modules and solutions, MeiG is committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in its business practices around the world, and is firmly committed to complying with applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations, and to eliminating corruption and bribery in any form. Regardless of the country in which we do business, we adhere to a code of conduct of integrity and transparency in our dealings with business partners and governments to ensure compliance.

MeiG has established and improved its anti-corruption compliance system and ensures that it is effective in preventing, monitoring and responding to bribery. The core elements of the anti-corruption system include, but are not limited to, a high level of attention from top management, a sound compliance organization, adequate resource investment, systematic risk assessment, a comprehensive compliance policy system, effective process control, comprehensive training and communication, and continuous monitoring and improvement. Each year, MeiG conducts systematic risk assessment of relevant entities and businesses in accordance with the annual risk assessment plan, and carries out effective control in-depth in business scenarios. Meanwhile, the company carries out anti-corruption compliance learning for all employees, outputs various process operations, working guidelines and scenario cases for key positions, and organizes various trainings and seminars to enhance compliance awareness.

MeiG is committed to continuously improving the construction of anti-corruption management system and building a compliance brand. Meanwhile, MeiG has always emphasized on compliance exchanges with domestic and foreign enterprises, and has developed cooperative and win-win business relationships with business partners to jointly establish a fair, transparent and clean business environment and maintain healthy and sustainable business development.

Data Protection Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018 . The regulation will affect the way businesses to which the GDPR applies process the personal data of their customers and employees. Under the GDPR, businesses that have an establishment in the EU or that provide products or services into the EU should comply with the GDPR when processing the personal data of EU data subjects.

As a global leading supplier of wireless communication modules and solutions, MeiG has always paid full attention to data protection and takes its responsibilities seriously. MeiG has integrated data protection requirements into the processes of its daily business activities.

MeiG complies with applicable data protection laws in all jurisdictions around the world, including the GDPR, and MeiG will ensure that its business complies with the applicable GDPR requirements.

MeiG provides data protection compliance training to its employees on a regular and continuous basis, emphasizes on enhancing employees' awareness of GDPR compliance, and ensures that each employee and partner subject to the GDPR jurisdiction can accurately understand the data protection compliance requirements based on the needs of his/her specific job and duties, and strictly implement the corresponding systems and processes of the company.

Compliance Audit

MeiG strictly implements compliance audits and does not tolerate any illegal behavior in its business activities.

You can report any violation of export control requirements by employees, violation of the Code of Business Conduct, and other violations of external laws and regulations and the company's management standards.

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