Development Path
  • 2022

    -In September 2022, MeiG's ultimate Android smart module SNM951 won the 2022 18th "IOTE Gold Award" innovative product

    -In September 2022, MeiG became the ecological partner of China Unicom's 5G IoT OpenLab, working together to create a new 5G future

    - In September 2022, MeiG released super small size 5G R16 module SRM810

    - In September 2022, Cat. 1 module SLM332 won the bid for China Telecom's customized Cat. 1 module product recruitment

    - In August 2022, Xi'an Zhaoge Electronics, a subsidiary of MeiG, was listed as a "specialized, refined and new" enterprise in Shaanxi Province in 2022

    - In August 2022, Zhongge Smart, a subsidiary of MeiG, was successfully selected as one of the first batch of "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprises in Shanghai in 2022

    - In August 2022, MeiG officially launched GNSS single frequency positioning module SGM308

    - In May 2022, the company won the bid for China Unicom medium size Yanfei Cat. 1 module with the largest share

    - In March 2022, MeiG won the Most Influential IoT Communication Enterprise Award in 2021 "IoT Star" Annual Selection

    - In January 2022, MeiG won the "Excellent Partner of the Year Award" of SUNMI Technology in 2021

  • 2021

    - In December 2021, a new start: 2021 Global Ecological Chain Partnership Conference of MeiG was successfully held !

    - In November 2021, MeiG strengthened the cooperation with Lenovo, increasing product and technical cooperation in the fields of Intelligent Connected Vehicle, PC, etc.

    - In November 2021, MeiG won the bidding project of China Mobile 5G module.

    - In November 2021, based on "Tanggula V510" chip from UNISOC, MeiG released two high-performance 5G M2M modules--SRM811 and SRM821.

    - In October 2021, MeiG 5G smart module won the "Most Innovative Award" of China Unicom Yanfei

    - In October 2021, MeiG 5G smart module SRM930 won the 2021 16th “IOTE Award”

    - In October 2021, MeiG won the OFweek 2021 "Best Successful Application Case Award" in the Internet of Things industry.

    - In September 2021, awarded the "Most Popular Brand Award" during the China International Information Exhibition

    - In September 2021, MeiG won the exclusive bid for China Unicom 5G data transmission module procurement project

    - In September 2021, China Unicom 5G AIoT smart module "the first bid in operator history" was exclusively awarded by MeiG.

    - In August 2021, MeiG 5G FWA intelligent terminal product won the bid of China Unicom

    - In August 2021, MeiG 5G module SRM815 won the bid of “ China Mobile 5G modules”, which suggests the company's strong technical research and development power.

    - In July 2021, MeiG won the "Cooperation Potential Award" at the 2021 Semi-annual Supplier Partner Recognition Conference of Halo Travel

    In April 2021, MeiG’s 5G Android smart module SRM900 won the CITE 2021 Innovation Award

  • 2020

    -In June 2020, the company's 5G module won China Unicom's "Best 5G Research and Development Partner Award"

    -In March 2020, MeiG and Unisoc launched a cost-effective LTE Cat.1 series module-SLM320

    -In February 2020, the company donated 1 million yuan to Hubei (Shenzhen Charity Association and Hubei Province Gucheng County Charity Association each donated 500,000 yuan in cash, a total of 1 million yuan in cash) to fight the coronavirus.

  • 2019

    -In December 2019, the company launched a variety of blockchain modules (SLM790, SLM758 and SRM815)

    -In December 2019, the company's automotive AI BOX solution won the "2019 Excellent Internet of Things Solution Award"

    -In October 2019, the company launched the first LTE wireless communication module SLM790 with built-in Haisi Balong V711 communication chip.

    -In July 2019, the company's automotive module MA800 won the twelfth IOTE 2019 "Gold Award"

    -In July 2019, the company launched 5G communication modules SLM815 and SLM825 based on Qualcomm SDX55 platform, opening a new era of smart 5G

    -In May 2019, the company headquarters was officially opened in Shenzhen International Innovation Center and Internet of Things R & D Center.

    -In March 2019, the company won the "Most Influential Internet of Things Communication Enterprise Award" of the 2018 "Internet of Things Star" annual selection!

  • 2018

    -In June 2018, it was selected as the honorary title of "Top 100 Internet of Things Companies in 2018" by Internet Weekly

    -In April 2018, the company won the honorary title of "Excellent NB-IoT Module Brand" at the Sixth China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2018) 2018 China Internet of Things (NB-IoT) Technology Innovation and Application Forum

    -In March 2018, the company won the "2017 Annual Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Awards New Enterprise" award at the 2018 China (Shenzhen) International Automotive Electronics Industry Conference!

  • 2017

    -In December 2017, the company name was officially changed from "Shenzhen Meige Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." to "Meig Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd."

    -In September 2017, the company became the governing unit of the Guangdong Internet of Things Association, and the product share of the Internet of Things industry continued to expand

    -In June 2017, the company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME Board! (Stock abbreviation: Mega Smart; stock code: 002881)

  • 2016

    -August 2016 The scale of the company's R & D personnel was further expanded, and the overall R & D staff was close to 500 people, constantly transforming into a R & D-driven enterprise

    -In June 2016, the company's LTE module products obtained a series of certifications. The smart core module products were jointly developed with customers in more than 50 industries. The application areas involve financial POS, vehicle-mounted terminals, smart homes, VR, etc.

    -In March 2016, the company won the honorary certificate of "Top Ten Partners" in technical cooperation issued by Huawei terminals

  • 2015

    -In November 2015, the company became the executive director unit of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association, and the share of products in the automotive industry continued to expand

    -In October 2015, the company's LTE module products passed the national compulsory product certification and were successfully used in financial POS handheld terminal equipment, vehicle equipment and other fields

    -In August 2015, LTE module products of the company's Internet of Things business group were supplied to the tower company to be applied in base station monitoring equipment

    -In July 2015, the company completed the shareholding system reform and was officially renamed as "Shenzhen Meige Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd."

  • 2014

    -In October 2014, the company's Internet of Things business group set up subsidiaries in Xi'an and Wuhan, focusing on technology development of Internet of Things solutions

  • 2013

    -In October 2013, the company passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

    -In September 2013, the company successfully developed a wireless handheld terminal with voice intercom function for Japanese operator Softbank

    -In May 2013, the company supported the mass production of LTE network wireless data terminals and supplied to China Mobile.

  • 2012

    -In September 2012, the company passed Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certification

    -In February 2012, the company signed a patent licensing agreement with Qualcomm of the United States to carry out the design and development of IoT terminal equipment based on the Qualcomm program, and the business field was further expanded to the IoT industry

  • 2011

    -Passed ISO14001: 2004 and ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification in October 2011

  • 2007

    -In April 2007, the company was formally established

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